Solving Tomorrow

3rd Horizon is an innovation and strategy advisory empowering pioneering and purpose-driven leaders to give the future the attention it deserves.

We help you achieve three goals

Define Vision
& Strategy

Articulate a bold new future and craft a plan to get there

Build Innovation

Create a sustainable engine for growth

Create New

Discover, define, design and develop entirely new businesses, products, services and experiences 

A big vision. A bold future. Real change.
They need your focus. But the present can be consuming.

3rd Horizon works side-by-side with you to identify and organize the pieces needed today to innovate for tomorrow.

We're different than traditional strategy consultants and design firms

Do With, Not Do For

Most consultants and agencies do work for you and then drop deliverables on your desk. We work hand-in-hand with you as an advisor and a coach on your most far-reaching challenges. Together, we craft outcomes you believe in and own.

Heart and Mind

Outdated approaches to strategy and growth don’t work in an age of disruption. We combine the best of human-centered design and business-centered strategy for a distinctly modern approach to problem solving.

"Working with 3rd Horizon has completely changed my outlook on my company's future. It feels good to be building something I'm truly passionate about."

Jim Varney, Vice President, Product Insight

"Dan worked seamlessly as part of our team, and helped us take ownership for, and deliver, our vision and strategy. The outcome has not only been the cornerstone of many of our initiatives, but also very practical allowing us to use it all the time. On the most strategic problems we’ll want to tackle in the future, Dan is the one we’ll call."

-Shlomi Dinoor, COO, Extension Engine

We collaborate with you in two ways


We act as your thought partner, coach, agitator, scrum master and drill sergeant, working one-on-one to help you achieve your goals.

To get started, we'll agree on a challenge statement, level of effort and meeting schedule.


We assemble a team from our network of partners and execute a defined approach to achieve your specific objectives.

To get started, we'll agree on a project scope, schedule and budget.

We've worked with some amazing clients


Building an innovation capacity to reinvent off-duty life on base

Harvard i-lab

Architecting a novel educational experience

Extension Engine

Differentiating a creative agency


Transforming a plumbing fixture company into a water management company


Making dialysis treatment viable for the home


Bringing a B2B equipment company into the digital age

We have several specialties

Creative professional services firms and agencies: differentiate in an increasingly competitive environment

Product companies: transition to service economy

Government: serve your mission through improved constituent experience

B2B: adapt to consumer-level service expectations

Omni-presence: crafting businesses and experiences that span digital, product and place

Meet our founder

Dan Ostrower

Founder & Managing Partner

As a former CEO of technology companies and a creative agency, I know how hard it is to balance the urgency of the present with the importance of the future. It was often a lonely challenge. Passion and purpose too often fell prey to practicality. I found myself longing for a partner who could push, provoke, motivate, and keep me on track. This experience inspired me to create 3rd Horizon for leaders with a pioneering and purpose-driven spirit, who need a bit of extra help to articulate and fulfill their visions.

My two-and-a-half-decade career spans technology and strategy, leadership and execution, big company and start up, B2B and B2C, private sector and public.

Before founding 3rd Horizon, I was the Chief Executive Officer of Altitude, an award-winning innovation and design firm acquired by Accenture. As CEO, I was responsible for architecting a strategic innovation offering that provided deep and lasting value for Altitude’s clients and for building an organization in which the most talented innovators could thrive. I led multiple client engagements, helping to launch new businesses and implement new innovation capabilities. I spearheaded Altitude’s seven-year partnership with the US Department of Defense to reinvent and greatly improve life on base for our country’s Marines, Airmen, Soldiers, Sailors and their families.

Prior to Altitude, I was a leader and founder of high-technology start-ups for more than 10 years. I helped raise over $40M in venture financing and brought multiple new technologies and products to market, including some of the technologies at the heart of today's self-driving car business.

Before my startup career, I was a Strategy Consultant with Monitor Company where I helped transform Fortune 500 companies in a variety of industries.

I have a bachelor's degree in Engineering from Harvard and an MBA and MSE from Stanford.

Ready? Let's craft something great together.

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